Hi-Tech Project Profile: Retaining Wall with Soil Erosion


An existing 1,800 linear foot stone masonry retaining wall located around a pond at the project site was failing in certain areas due to soil erosion and age of structure. Some stones were missing, as well as, mortar in many locations.


Hi-Tech proposed to inject hydro-sensitive, expanding polymer into the voids and crevices of the stone wall, as well as, into the soils just below the underside of the wall. Beginning on the pond side facing in, Hi-Tech injected directly into the voids in order to create a conjoined matrix of sprayed, expanding urethane polymer. After stabilizing the pond side of the wall, Hi-Tech used 5/8” steel tubing to inject into the soil just below the bottom of the wall. In under two weeks this method sealed the outer portion of the wall and stabilized the remaining voids.


The combination of injections on both sides of the wall acted as a “sandwiching effect” which ensured stabilization of the structure without displacing layers of stone. All materials used are environmentally safe for groundwater and soil. Instead of ripping out and replacing the entire wall, Hi-Tech’s minimally invasive method ensured the stability of the existing wall and surrounding soil, saving the client thousands of dollars.