Hi-Tech Project Profile: Asphalt Paving Settled Below Concrete Entrance


Asphalt paving settled below concrete level at ground-level 14-foot dock entrances. This resulted in damage to forklift wheels, pallets, and some loads. Upon exiting the building, forklifts drop from concrete floor to asphalt.


After soils testing verified the weak soils, a plan was put in place to stabilize the weak soil zones with expanding structural polymer. The polymer was injected in various locations and depths under the footprint of the isolation slab. In various locations we encountered standing water in the soil. The polymer used was excellent for remediating the water and densifying the compromised soil in these saturated areas.
Drill 5/8” holes at strategic locations for injection of expanding geopolymer. Within minutes, asphalt was stabilized and realigned to concrete floor level.
From set up to clean up, this process took approximately one hour per dock entrance to complete.


Forklifts resume activity with a smooth transition from concrete floor to asphalt. Minimal disruption to customer’s activities.