Hi-Tech Project Profile: Oil Saturated Concrete Floor Darkens Warehouse


3,570 SF of oil saturated concrete had to be prepared and resurfaced. Control joints needed to be rebuilt. The flooring installation needed to have excellent light reflectivity and durability and be easy to clean.


Hi-Tech set up 5’ perimeter plastic fence and used a heavy detergent scrub before shot blasting to ensure a deep clean of the contaminated concrete.  Using a specialized concrete shaver, a 4” wide by 1” deep channel was made in order to rebuild deteriorated control joints.  We then recut the joint at ¼” wide and filled with flexible joint filler for expansion.  The next step involved diamond grinding to remove soft concrete and hand grinding edges and rebuilt joints in order to smooth out the surface of the floor.  Hi-Tech then applied moisture tolerant primer coatings to guard against excess water vapor transmission.  Once this was cured, we applied a specialized 100% epoxy slurry at approximately 50 to 60 mils with high-strength industrial powders. (Compressive strength of this material is 13,000 psi.)  After curing of the high build flooring, we were able to mechanically sand the epoxy to create a profile for the final high performance urethane topcoat.  For this particular customer, the topcoat was in two specific gray colors and yellow border lines were applied.

The end result was a high performance, low maintenance product with excellent durability. Due to the specialized high solids urethane topcoat, the surface of the floor is now highly wearable and slip resistant.