Pharmaceutical, Sparks, MD


Customer had a super flat floor that could not be lifted.    Due to voids present under the concrete and the weight of Raymond High-reach forklift driving above, the concrete would give and flex. This instability in the floor would cause forklifts to tilt and shutoff.    Also, underneath the slab in this area, was a high concentration of rebar, electric lines, electric conduit, and water lines.  Care had to be taken with any drilling Hi-Tech personnel did so as not to hit these utility lines. This 240 ft. long floor needed to be stabilized and returned to use within two days.


The first step was to hire Enviroscan, Inc.  from Lancaster, PA , which  had  excellent  knowledge  and  equipment  for  ground  penetrating  radar,  so  we  could  locate all  underground  rebar,  electric  lines,  and  water  lines. Enviroscan, Inc. marked out all locations  of  utilities  and  rebar  allowing  Hi-Tech  to  commence  drilling  5/8”access  holes  for  their  expanding  polymer.  Hi-Tech did not hit one utility or rebar thanks to the professionalism and experience of Enviroscan, Inc.    Once drilling was completed, we then started injecting the expanding structural polymer to fill voids.  By monitoring the process with laser readers, we were able to ensure that the existing main slab tolerance was maintained throughout


Once stabilized, all holes were patched, and the Raymond  High-reach forklift was brought  in half  an hour  after  injection  and  patching  to  test  consistency  of  stabilization.    Under  load  the  Raymond  forklift  passed  over  the  entire  aisle  way  without  shutting  off  due  to  tilt  or  instability. Once  this was  confirmed  we  clean  off  all  utility  markings  with  an  automatic  scrubber.  The  aisle  way  was  returned  to  use  immediately  following  project completion. Throughout  the  entire  process  no  underpinning  or  excavation  was  necessary.